DUCK DYNASTY in books?. . .You Got To Be Kidding Me!!




And this is where my rant begins.

Wal-Mart.  Book aisle.  Best-Sellers.  Duck. . .Dynasty?

And right then and there I could’ve Quacked all over myself!

 Duck Dynasty pic 1


So far I’m a little peeved about Duck Dynasty actually having a published book. . .wait!  I think they’ve got four??  So what to make of this. . .I really don’t know only to say that I’m rather disappointed with the publishing industry for even considering giving Duck Dynasty book deals.  Duck Dynasty, and IMO, is like the Macarena, is like Kato Kailen, is like Gangnam Style (love the song, btw!), and last but not least, like every “one-hit wonder” that has existed on the face of this earth for more than 15 minutes or less. . .Duck Dynasty is exactly this “a one-hit wonder” where I’m in it for the long haul.  So now I ponder:  Is the publishing industry selling out?  Has the publishing industry actually gone mad?  I mean do I have to be on a reality TV show just to get a book deal myself? 


(Hmm. . .Maybe I should grow a beard and slap on some daisy dukes?)


It saddens me to think that there might be some truth about today’s publishing industry opening more doors for reality TV celebs and not necessarily for those “non” meaning us struggling authors.  You mean to tell me that reading about a TV celeb is more interesting than reading a good, GOOD story?  And if so, does this mean that authors are becoming extinct because publishers (and agents) would rather deal with a “one-hit wonder” and not necessarily a career author? 


Well if this is the case, then I’m screwed, literally! 


And if this is the case, there’s no need for me to continue ranting and raving on.  I’ll just save my keystrokes for something more purposeful than to waste it on a sitcom that will be forgotten faster than it was conceived!


Duck Dynasty. . .yeah right!  I think I’ll find more pleasure watching Kim and Ray J getting it on!  bth_ray_j_kim_kardashian

(ooh, la la!)

Twiligggggggggght. . .uh!. . .and Fifty Shades + one poem

So pushing the $85 Billion spending cuts aside. . .let’s focus on my 2nd favorite thing (with writing being #1, of course!). . .Movies! 


It’s Twilight fever again.   And yes!. . .I’m a TWI-MOM! 

So aside from being under the weather for the last couple of days-think Allergy cold-I will drag myself out of bed and out of the house and head to the Twilight:  Breaking Dawn Part II movie release party (if there is one) at my local Wal-Mart, chaperoned by my daughter who lost interest in Twilight when she went from being a ‘tween’ to a ‘teen’ and discovered that there was much more to guys than just Edward and Jacob.  Me, however, I was never really enthusiastic about Twilight until I picked up and read New Moon which sparked my interest to read the entire series/saga.  So tonight I will arrive approx. around 10:30 pm at Wal-Mart and then be home approx. 1:30 am or so, flop myself down in front of my giant screen TV and spend the next 2 hours watching and weeping as the Twilight Saga comes to an (my) end.  Well I must say it was a nice 8 years since The Twilight Saga first debuted.  Sigh. 

So what’s next for me?

Well it’s onto the rest of the Fifty Shades Triligy, I guess.  Believe it or not, I still haven’t gotten passed Fifty Shades of Grey even though I have Fifty Shakes Darker and Fifty Shades Freed sitting on my bookshelf.  I’m to assume it’s all the “murmuring” and “the holy shit” word repetition that has me Fifty Shades (and already) Fed Up!  Oh god!  Did I just say that????

Anyways. . .the following poem was written for a past, past vampire contest.  Enjoy!


Edward chased Bella
across the BREAKING DAWN 
beneath a NEW MOON
Bella was doomed
when her soul ECLIPSE(d)
with Edward’s blood
bringing about 
an eternal TWILIGHT,  
Bella shimmers.