did “DRACULA” suck. . .literally??



Let’s begin withWomen in black lipstick. . .I’m confused!?!?



Was it just me, or did the TV series premiere of  “Dracula” suck?


Okay.  Even I have to admit that I hyped myself up over this premiere, even “Milestoned” the damn thing on my site because for those who kind of know me, they know I like anything vampire.  So after much anticipation, even taking a nap (yes, A Nap!) just so I wouldn’t fall asleep during the show because I do have a tendency of doing that, even I was slightly disappointed.  Maybe it was the lighting in the show?  Maybe it was the entire cast?  Maybe it was the gibberish in dialogue?  Well whatever it was I put together a top-ten list of what bothered me the most in hopes with coping  with my disappointment.

David Letterman Top Ten List

1:  Why the producers of NBC’s Dracula decided to take from the formula of the original Bram Stoker’s Dracula, meaning characters, is beyond me! 



Dracula pic 32:  Jonathan Rhys Meyers, while devilishly handsome, I found his performance as “Dracula” slighly weak.  Hmm. . .maybe in the coming weeks that will change.









3:  The character of Mina in my opinion was just a “bad cast”.  Mina is blandly pretty, and she lacks that animal magnetism.  Pairing her with Jonathan Rhys Meyers is like pairing Oil and Water. . .they just didn’t mix.


4:  Jonathan Harker must die and bring Keanu Reeves back!

Bram Stoker Jonathan


5:  I was expecting the old Lucy to emerge from the new Lucy; think Alien and that spaghetti dinner scene. . .you know, when that baby Alien popped out of the stomach of that crew member over dinner?  Was that romantic or what?  


6:  The blond seductress (you know the one who spent the better part of her “Part” trying to seduce Dracula) just didn’t fit the part.  If Dracula (now the TV series) isn’t careful, SHE will be the death of the series.


7:  The fight scene between Dracula and what’s his face on the roof lacked action.  How dare Dracula fight. . .vampires don’t fight, they’re too quick and clever for that shit!


Bram Stoker Renfield8:  Mr. Renfield. . .I think I preferred the original character from Bram Stoker’s Dracula only because he was dedicated and I loved his do!  (hair-do, that is).









9:  I found the Trailers more exciting. . .particularly that scene where Dracula is lying in a sea of naked women draped in red silk; kind of reminded me of Eminem’s video “Superman”.Eminem Superman



David Letterman10:  Last but not least, where was David Letterman?







So in closing, I will admit that I am a still a fan of anything vampire (except for Vampire Diaries, I’m still a little po’d about their show’s sexual content considering Vampire Diaries is based on a YA book series for readers 18 and younger. . .go figure!) so I will continue to watch, for better or for worse:).




HEY. . .I’m Famous!!



Okay. . .maybe not that famous but it’s a start.  Hope to generate new blood to my site (not that the old blood doesn’t taste better anymore. . .Yes, I am a Sucker (well not literally) when it comes to anything Vampire).  Here’s the link to my recent interview. . .And for you fellow Writers/Authors take some time and become “Famous”, too!



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“ROMEO” is now available



Okay fellow Bloggers & Followers. . .ROMEO is now available for purchase!  And once again (because I didn’t before with LAST BITE!, oops!) I’d like to thank my partner for another great cover!

Romeo__Cover_for_KindlePaperback-$6.99            Kindle-$3.50



‘For the students at William Shakespeare High being immortal is not only 100% acceptable but sticking to your own kind is the law!  So why is everyone suddenly on edge when seventeen-year-old Juliet January Black is observed publicly romancing eighteen-year-old Romeo Stem Walker?  Well to begin with Juliet is a SilverBlood, half-werewolf, half-vampire, and Romeo is an Immortal Guardian, a higher than highest deity which automatically marks their love absolutely forbidden.


Against the foreboding of friends and family, and to spare the idea of being torn apart from one another eternally, Romeo and Juliet run away together and set off a chain of events that will put their love in danger.  But when Romeo’s mother Lilith, a demon Goddess who has spent the better part of her existence building herself around greed, intercedes to put an end to her son’s affair with Juliet once and for all, Romeo will be forced to rely on the forces of a Vampire King, a Were Queen and a Lycanvamp Elder to save he and Juliet’s love.’

ROMEO is book I of II in the SilverBlood series and is a dark YA 39+K modern-day Romeo + Juliet love story and reads in the same fashion as the much cherished Shakespeare play, Romeo + Juliet.  JULIET, book II is in pre-production.





Update on “ROMEO”



Well “ROMEO” (my YA paranormal modern-day Romeo + Juliet love story) hasn’t exactly been knocking Agents off their feet despite the fact I’ve been trying to sell them on the idea that ROMEO is a fresh and one-of-a-kind story as well as uniquely written as ROMEO reads in the same fashion as William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo + Juliet.


Now I’ve pondered on why I haven’t exactly received invitations from Lit Agents to submit further material on ROMEO, and I haven’t came up with much answers.  Perhaps Agents consider ROMEO to be a knock-off. . .maybe so, but you can’t discount novels like I,DRAKULA or CINDER or RED RIDING HOOD, re-written classics with a unique spin to them.  Or perhaps it is what one potential Agent quoted when I pitched her LAST BITE! my last YA novel, and why she couldn’t take it on even though she was ecstatic on the idea-editor vampire fatigue.  Or perhaps it’s the timing, the economy; maybe word count plays a factor or maybe the market is too flooded with YA paranormals, or maybe, and perhaps my last conclusion, a weak query?  Now while all those may play a factor, in my opinion, and what I’ve read considerably, the YA genre, regardless of sub-genre, and is as of this moment the biggest seller when it comes to books.  So yeah, in that sense, the market is there, the Agents are there, I just think (and I as I stated before) it’s the “timing”.  I would like to assume, or speculate, that Agents have their good days and their bad days when it comes to reviewing queries or submissions which play a major role when it comes to deciding on whether to request material on a query or reject the query entirely despite the fact that it could very well be a best-seller.  I will admit though that It brings me great comfort in knowing that what I’ve just IMO’d above may harbor some truth.


So in the meantime I’ve decided to self-publish ROMEO.  And if it sells pretty well, then maybe I can re-pitch it to Agents and perpahs gain representation, with fingers crossed, of course!