a “Non-Social Distancing“ Novel en lieu

So, and yeah. . .stand back COVID-19 there`s no “Social Distancing“ in this novel.  In fact it begs to challenge that very idea with two strangers who walk into a motel room in “Bar“stow, California.  [pun intended]

Book Synopsis (and actual query):Barstow, CA BC i

    There is no polite way to explain Diane DeMoss and Jack Crawford’s illicit affair only that it’s about to take a bitter turn when their seemingly complicated lives clash against the backdrop of good sex, Chinese take-out, a pack of cigarettes, warm beer and jealousy.

     It happens in a grocery store on a warm July morning.

     And “It” is war, particularly at first sight when Diane, a pampered 37-year-old housewife unintentionally rubs Jack, a 39-year-old married hard-nosed blue-collar businessman, the wrong way when her twenty-six grocery items overshadow his six pack of beer in a 15 items or less express lane.

     But as Diane apologizes for the inconvenience, Jack – not one for other people’s stupidity – accepts her apology by insulting her, suggesting she learn how to read signs.  Diane, refusing to turn a scolded cheek, stoops to Jack’s level and suggests he learn how to suppress his opinions to avoid becoming one of those opinionated assholes.  Not only does the insult infuriate Jack, he confronts Diane in the parking lot and puts his “asshole” status to use only the outcome isn’t what he expected or what Diane had expected.  Because instead of pursuing the idea of wringing each other’s necks with the other’s bold tongue, Jack and Diane instead end up in a motel room.  Both stumbling over themselves.  Both out of practice and embarrassed.

     But tackling to be the best of lovers will become the least of Jack and Diane’s problems when their checkered lives interrupt their affair with each one’s narcissistic and controlling ways; issues that will have them questioning whether they’d go back to being the people they once were before they walked into that motel room in Barstow, California.

In a Motel Room in Barstow, California or Barstow is a 53K standalone Upmarket Fiction novel.  The setting of the story takes place – with the exception of the grocery store scene – in a 2 Star Motel over the span of a day.  Set against the inspirations of songs like Jack and Diane, Fast Car and Come Away With Me, and challenging the likes of books and films such as Frankie and Johnny, The Story of Us and Blue Valentine which take a genuine look at the upside and downside of love, marriage, abuse, divorce and infidelity – issues that plague both Jack and Diane’s lives.  The simplicity of form and storytelling incorporated with fast, yet uncomplicated thought-provoking dialogue and iconic characters could perhaps make this page-turner narrative an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind read.

So there it is in all its hope & glory that one: it will gain representation; and two, avoid becoming another Indie publication.  But if it should, well, I can`t say I didn`t try!


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