. . .And as usual

I forget to summarize what LAST BITE! is all about.  So here it is. . .


Soon-to-be sixteen Samantha Samm has three things going for her:  A pulse.  A reflection.  And an appetite.


And Sam will do anything to keep it that way!


But cursed to become a vampire whether she likes it or not, Sam will find every excuse in her human conscience to avoid becoming the undead.  And since Sam is already faced with a deadline toward eternal death, not to mention, orphaned and the biggest loner in a town of egotistical vampires, the odds against Sam staying human are inevitable that is until pulse-pounding, warm blooded handsome, James Reinhardt walks into the kitchen of an all-girl’s foster home and finds her choking on a cookie.


Now determined with the idea of staying human for James will become Sam’s biggest challenge.  But living amid thirsty bad boy vamps in hip-hop gear, bad valley girl vamps who resemble the likes of snapping gators in a Louisiana swamp and a pretentious foster sister who wants James to herself isn’t exactly helping Sam’s quest.  And just as Sam thinks things couldn’t get any worse, James reveals a bloody secret tied to her curse that may just as well have her ditching love for those set of fangs! 


LAST BITE! is a YA Paranormal novel, and book I in a IV book series.  FIRST BITE!  will be due out soon, hopefully before I sprout another grey hair!!

4 thoughts on “. . .And as usual

    1. Well believe it or not, Glynis, there isn’t much love here. . .just alot of infatuation. Currently this novel is being reviewed by another agent. . .so I will try not to keep my fingers tightly crossed. It seems that while many agents like the concept of the story, they are unsure it will be sellable so therefore I’ve been passed up for representation. Last Bite! was completed about a year and a half ago, before HUSH. Speaking of HUSH, that book is getting a serious make-over!!


      1. Glynis

        Girl! That is wonderful news! Well if you aren’t crossing fingers hard than I sure am. I hope it all works out.

        I’m envious as hell because I haven’t gotten even that close, so yeah. I’m rooting for you girl!


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