A Mexican Stand-Off – flash fiction



The boss.  The drug lord.  The drug dealer.  The dope runner.  The drug pusher.  The bagman.  The hit-man.  The assassin.  The fuck up.  The innocent bystander.  The lover.  The mistress.  The wife.  The children.  Guns drawn.  A really big shoot out.  Everyone dies.  Silence.  Blood is flowing.  Flies buzz around.  The bullet riddled piñata donkey hangs by a swinging limb.  Candy is scattered everywhere.  The Federales bullshit about the massacre and help themselves to cake and ice cream.

4 thoughts on “A Mexican Stand-Off – flash fiction

    1. Hey, Philip. . .thanks for commenting. This piece was originally published in Catfishgringoriver about a couple of years ago. Pez is a good man. You should re-submit to him over at Ppigpen. I’m sure he’d be happy to hear from you (just MO)!


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