Devlin @ Eyes+Words


Well, it has been roughly 2 years or so since I had any of my work [poems] published on another Online Journal. . .So I humbly thank Jacob @ Eyes+Words for accepting one of my poems.


And for the little Followers I have, I hope you enjoy “Lightening”!


Thank You, Jacob!




I cut off my hair.

Stitched the wounds around my heart.

Bought a new dress.

Bought a new purse.

Bought a new pair of shoes.

Bought a new shade of lipstick.

Paid generously for a manicure and a pedicure.

Said a prayer to forgive all my sins,

then after, cursed you with “the best of luck”.


Just because you broke my heart

doesn’t mean

you’re going to break. . .me.



death by poet(ry)


when you woke up this morning

the dust in the acidic

draft-less air

had already settled upon your face

thus ruining

those past-apocalypse seasons we spent together;

it is a reminiscent of these

when I find myself at a morality loss

rousing up in cheap motel rooms

where the continental breakfasts

don’t seem “continental” anymore.

     why do we keep on running?

     where do you think we are going?

     why can’t we just stake our claim

     on some little dingy foreign country (side) dive

     and trade treason for reason?

instead of bathing today, you bathe in perfume

and sit upon my dormant cock

the heat within your woman’s womb

doesn’t placate me anymore

but it’s the slow wind of those acidic elements

that waft through your monotonous hair

that which stirs my black key stroke erections.

and each strand that rakes through my hand

reminds me of earth –

pigmen born of mud

air, where contagion spreads –

fire, hel (lelujah) in the sky –

water, a grave integrity of baptisms –

you lay your naked face against my cottoned chest

feeling for my last breath, you whisper:


you don’t know this


but you have a black picket fence

staked around your heart

a grave marker

sitting on your soul


and, you’re wearing a suit.


no self-proclaimed poet wears suits,






I’ve seen you glance

over my fence

one to many times

and your expression betrays

what you’re truly feeling inside


you wonder if the grass

is truly greener

on my side of the fence?


I could lie to you

be selfish and say “Yes”

but that would only put love

to an even greater test


so I will keep my defenses low

and leave fate to a fighting chance

and if this fighting chance should win

I will never give you reason to wonder

if the grass is truly greener

on her side of the fence