“Avoid the Metaverse like Satan Himself!”


I didn’t say it, Bill O’Reilly did.  I’m just simply relaying it.

I’ve mentioned this on previous posts Here & There.

But I doubt anyone is fucking listenning.

So, we’ll see where this whole Meta-Zucker-Verse will go in six months, maybe even a year or the next?

We’ll probably be so far sucked-in we won’t know what day it is or what time.  Just happy to finally be living in an alternate world where everything is fearless and the possibilities are endless and you are God.

Which now brings me to the question:  BUT AT WHAT COST?

But on a less depressing note . . . you can treat this victory like Halloween and stay one step ahead of everyone and go shopping for your Avatar Costume now.

Because you’re going to need it.

So, are you Ready, Player One?

I, the fuck, am not😡!