4 years? … W(where)`TF have I been??

Please don’t mind the post title but. . .

It has been awhile since I’ve done anything with this site other than letting it sit idle & letting WP collect on the revenue of my name – to which I’m not complaining.  Thank You, WordPress!

So, what has Devlin been doing in the last 4 years?

Well, really nothing worth bragging about considering that I still don’t have an Agent and that I resorted to self-publishing and becoming Indie.  The last I recall I was querying a standalone novel called “Growing up Trafficked” to which was renamed “HUSH” – a controversial story about a 14-year-old girl forced into prostitution by the people she trusted which has now grown into a 13 book series with a projection of two more [series’] to follow – to lit Agents.  Out of the 64 Agents/Agencies I queried, 2 showed interest and 1 requested that I, and I quote that Agent: ‘Tone down the parable of the story’ which I already did prior to querying.  So, long story short, HUSH never gained representation however, it did gain a sizable audience and was ranked as a #1 Best-Seller for 2 ½ years straight, topping off at about 70K copies sold in its first 3 years; since then, I have lost count.  As for the rest of the Series, it’s holding up.

But, and unfortunately, I can’t say much for UnFangulous Girl! (previously Last Bite) and Immortal ROMEO (previously ROMEO) and 5 chapbooks as I continue to battle with them.

Aside from trying to avoid surfing the COVID-19 wave I’ve taken up refuge in front of ABC News Live, Prime, HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ and have put my mind to use in laundry, cleaning, and cooking and my eyes to additional reading and envying all the new traditionally published book releases only because my book(s) should be included amongst those with many Indie’s  – I assume  – feeling the same.

I think it’s time to end this rant here. . .bulk collection is in front of my house collecting bulk trash to which I don’t have, and I haven’t seen my cat – the Persian snob – anywhere in the last couple of hours.  Time to go look for her but after I submit another Query to my latest novel to replace the rejected one I received this morning.

You all stay safe out there.  Make good choices!


you packed a suitcase

slipped a flower in your hair

and turned to say ‘good bye’

without so much as a tear in your eye.


but I must’ve been

the most heartbroken man

you had ever seen.


I guess it was in that moment

when you, too, realized

that you didn’t have to be

so goddamn mean.


Devlin @ Eyes+Words


Well, it has been roughly 2 years or so since I had any of my work [poems] published on another Online Journal. . .So I humbly thank Jacob @ Eyes+Words for accepting one of my poems.


And for the little Followers I have, I hope you enjoy “Lightening”!


Thank You, Jacob!



A Beautiful Poem


I watched the sun

as it rose from darkness

and slowly crept upon your sleeping face

like a stalking lover

inhibiting you in places

only a woman could phantom [on a man];


I cringed with envy

as I watched that same stalking lover

take flight over your chiseled body

while the vast rays of its translucence

pierced your flesh and ravaged your orifices ~

the same orifices my body

sweated upon

licked upon

kissed upon

came upon;


how I ached to strangle that stalking lover

with every strength of my hands

with every beat of my heart;


I took a step forward

with the intention

of abruptly pulling down the blinds

but the sun suddenly caught

the naked of my glory

into it’s stalking wrath;


I bit back my anger then froze

when my lover awoke

his eyes falling upon me

with a grin that echoed for miles:


‘goddamn, you’re beautiful,’


he flushed

I blushed


‘beautiful. . .like a poem.’