you packed a suitcase

slipped a flower in your hair

and turned to say ‘good bye’

without so much as a tear in your eye.


but I must’ve been

the most heartbroken man

you had ever seen.


I guess it was in that moment

when you, too, realized

that you didn’t have to be

so goddamn mean.


She Left

she left


that midnight train

to Georgia


and she left

like a man ~


with only the clothes

on her back


I could’ve never loved her

as a woman, though


especially when she left [behind]

a twelve pack

in the fridge


the toilet seat up



I cut off my hair.

Stitched the wounds around my heart.

Bought a new dress.

Bought a new purse.

Bought a new pair of shoes.

Bought a new shade of lipstick.

Paid generously for a manicure and a pedicure.

Said a prayer to forgive all my sins,

then after, cursed you with “the best of luck”.


Just because you broke my heart

doesn’t mean

you’re going to break. . .me.