All sixteen-year-old Sam wants in her life is a guy who doesn’t suck blood, and has a pulse.

I mean, is that really to much for a girl to ask for?

Oh, you bet it is! It’s 1980 something. And the world has become inhabited with fangers. Well, not exactly “the world”, but the sleepy town of Fangwood, Oregon has: Unfangulous pop. 1,412. Fangulous pop. 33%. And unfortunately Sam lives in Fangwood. And unfortunately Sam is very close to possessing her set of ultra-tubular fangs – no thanks to a century old ancestor who fanged it all up for her by pissing off a beautiful fangyre who cursed her life in return.

Now as Sam ponders on the afterlife of death while trying to safeguard what makes her unfangulous (pulse, reflection, junk food) she isn’t prepared for fanghood nor is she prepared for James, the pulse-pounding-warm-blooded-all-solid-consuming new guy in town she unexpectedly falls for while gagging on a cookie who instead falls for Kassidy, Sam’s undead rival. And just as Sam thinks things couldn’t get any worse by plotting to steal James for herself, maybe turning into a bloodsucker on purpose just so she could fang Kassidy out of the picture, James reveals a dark secret regarding the ancestor, prompting Sam to ditch life and love for courage to redeem her bloodline. Now if Sam can just avoid trading in junk food for blood, fending off bad boy fangers in hip-hop gear constantly trying to fang her and dodging her fate against the pissed off fangyre who now wants her deader than fanger dead, Sam just may end up being unfangulous after all!