FANGulous! Trilogy


The FANGulous! Trilogy is a throwback to the 80’s where everything is “Oh, my God!”, “Gag me with a spoon!”, “Tubular!” and “Totally narly!”, and depicts the story of 16 year-old Samantha Beth Samm who is cursed to becoming a Fanger [vampire] whether she wants to or not!

Though the majority of unfangulous girls wouldn’t mind having their necks made-out by the hottest Fangers at school – unbeknownst to them – Sam however feels otherwise, and instead tries to avoid acquiring her own set of fangs at all costs.

But in order for Sam to achieve such a task to remaining “unfangulous”, first she must defy the one vampyre responsible for cursing her bloodline to eternal fangism, while at the same time, deal with the pangs of fang drama which includes a major crush on the new guy in town, competing with a drop-dead gorgeous rival and a family secret.