Mafia Vampires of Vegas … a series

[the following should sound like a Ray Liota narration in your head]


This is about Vampires.

This isn’t above love, romance, butterflies, wedded bliss or happily-ever-afters.


Fuck that!

Because again, this is about “Vampires”.

Bad Blood.

Immortal Domination.

Vamp-Mob Rule.

Organized Crimes.


False Illusions – ‘false illusions’ because vampires were never meant to be internally beautiful.

And lastly. . .Vegas.

About Vegas being ruled by Mafia Vampires.


Blood. Power. Thirst. Lust. Vegas. Vampires. 

It all begins here:Reign of Bloods BC2 BC2

October, 2021 … Take a Bite!vampire-teeth-vampires-2006128-223-158



Immortalizing an Icon

So, and yeah, I did it.

Now I just need to Pitch It!

Because the woman who won’t fuck her husband because she’s in a coma has just woken up!

ELVIRA MONTANA:  a Scarface novel 

is now available at Amazon … $1.00 – click cover to purchase

Elvira Montana BC 2 DLC - for mockup

today is sunny & i want to vomit

Don’t mind me I’m just ramblin’ here like Billy Crystal’s impersonation of grandparents shuffling through the mall in search of soft serve yogurt, mumbling, “How come the kids don’t call? How come the kids don’t call?” That’s from City Slickers, btw.

But IMO – now going back to my vomit – that’s what happens when you live in Arizona. You’d figure that after X-amount of years I would get used to it but I still haven’t.

It’s been almost 2 months since I posted anything here – not that anyone cares. My blog-site is so fucking boring. Either that, it’s so exciting that people just can’t get enough and I just don’t know it?

Yeah, well. . .’Elvira Montana’ is coming out soon, I think? I’ve been lagging on finishing it. It’s not a big book, btw.

Lately, I’ve been binge watching the following:


The Ranch

Queen of The South

Some Schitt$ Creek

Some Friends

and just recently the Twilight Saga as it’s currently free on Netflix.

But, and seriously, I really should stop binge watching and concentrate on writing. But even that after awhile tends to get on my fucking nerves!

Yeah. Today is Sunny and I do want to vomit. We had rain and I got spoiled by it.

Killing The Mob seems like an interesting book to read right about now. I bought it awhile back and it’s just sitting there near my PC taunting me. There are also 4 other books taunting me:  Less Than Zero, Imperial Bedrooms, American Psycho and Glamorama – all Brett Easton Ellis novels. He’s gay, btw. Which is a disappointment. ‘Cause it seems like sexy people always tend to be gay, les or bi. I’m heterosexual. Not that anyone gives a fuck. I just thought I’d throw that out there and see where it sticks!

So, how’s your Monday?

Don’t ask how mine is, ’cause, bitch, I already told you!

I should post something else.